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CWB TC Tracker Global

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The CWB TC Tracker is a monitoring system for objectively detecting tropical cyclone like vortices (TCLVs) in the numerical model outputs. It is achieved by recognizing the mesoscale structures of tropical cyclones.

The CWB TC Tracker system provides 7 products for monitoring TCLVs in the NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System (NCEP GEFS) at present:

  1. TC fuzzy maps - Global area
  2. TC fuzzy maps - Taiwan area
  3. TC fuzzy maps - Guam, USA
  4. fuzzy-based TC tracking - basic criteria
  5. fuzzy-based TC tracking - all criteria
  6. TC tracking - basic criteria
  7. TC tracking - all criteria

Please click the calendar on the left side to enter the system. For detailed information about CWB TC Tracker, please refer to Introduction, Product Description, or our AMS paper: Tsai et al.(2011).


  1. 21 Dec., 2011: 2011120700 run is missing due to some operation problem.
  2. 9 May, 2011: 2011050812 run is missing due to some operation problem.
  3. 24 Mar., 2011: The corresponding track count plots for each TC track product are produced.
  4. 4 Mar., 2011: 2011022300 and 06 run is missing due to some operation problem.
  5. 15 Feb., 2011: 2011021506 run is missing due to some operation problem.
  6. 12 Apr., 2010: 2010040818 run is missing because of lacking member11, 246hr forecast data.
  7. 23 Feb., 2010: NCEP officially upgraded the new version of GEFS which introduces new earth modeling system framework since Feb. 23 1200 UTC run.
  8. 16 Nov., 2009: 2009100712 run is missing due to some operation problem.
  9. 3 Mar., 2009: New statistical products for fuzzy likelihood maps are produced.
  10. 19 Jan., 2009: TC tracking, fuzzy and fuzzy likelihood maps in global area are parallel tested.
  11. 17 Aug., 2008: Bugs in the fuzzy maps plotting procedures are fixed.
  12. 10 Aug., 2008: Fuzzy maps for Guam (USA) are produced.
  13. 7 Aug., 2008: Fuzzy maps for Taiwan area are produced.
  14. 4 Aug., 2008: TC fuzzy likelihood maps are generated.
  15. 22 July,2008: Fuzzy-based algorithms for TC detection are parallel tested. The output file names are denoted as "Fuzzy_Basic" and "Fuzzy_AllCriteria".

CWB TC Tracker System is developed by H.-C. Tsai, K.-C. Lu, N.-N. Hsu,Aimei Chia, M.-Y. Lee, Y.-T. Lai, and C.-C. Liu at Central Weather Bureau/Weather Forecast Center, Taiwan. For further comments or suggestions, please contact Dr. Kuo-Chen Lu (

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